Below are some areas that hypnotherapy can help with.

If you are looking for assistance with another topic please do get in touch.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Learning to deal with stress and anxiety can be overwhelming.

You many even be unsure if you are suffering from stress or anxiety. 

Together we can work this out.

Once we have found your starting point, using hypnotherapy, I can help guide you on your journey to find harmony with your stress or anxiety, developing strategies that help you manage your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to move towards a clearer future.

Stressed Woman

Smoking Cessation

Getting the right support, carefully tailored to your needs can greatly increase your chances of becoming smoke free.

Your relationship with smoking may feel complex and contradictory;

 "it's bad for me, but it's part of my identity" 

When you truly want to give up, with two tailored sessions I can provide you with the knowledge, resources and support needed to finally become a non-smoker.


Changing your habits

Changing habits is difficult.

We all have the good intentions of 'stopping this, changing that', we all have those reoccurring thoughts of 'if only'.

Using hypnotherapy we can start turning your 'if only' into manageable chunks and begin changing that habit.

Hypnotherapy can help to improve your daily life, changing the way you think and relate to your habits and making a positive change that impacts many aspects of your life. 

Coffee and a Cookie


We are all very good at juggling our many responsibilities, and taking time to recharge and really relax is hard. 

Where to start? 

In our sessions let me guide you through your relaxation and for a time you can pause and relax in a peacefulness of your own making.  

Gain the tools and knowledge to take control of your relaxation and take that with you to use whenever you want or need to.

I can provide deep relaxation services, which you can continue to utilise after our sessions.

Rock in Sand

In Person

TCK Therapies is based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.
Your therapy can be delivered in a face to face setting at a number of different venues in and around Norwich. 
Contact me to discuss suitable options.


We can meet online for your therapy sessions, using Doxy allowing for greater flexibility and comfort.
Doxy is a free service for you and there is no need for you to download any software, you only need a device capable of video calls and an internet connection.
Contact me for further details.


Price List

Free 30 minute initial consultation via phone or video call.

Standard Session


Following an initial consultation, my standard session rate is £50 per hour.

Six pre-booked Standard Sessions


I offer a 10% discount for purchasing a block of 6 sessions. 
Payable in advance.

Smoking Cessation


I offer smoking cessation over two tailored sessions, each an hour long.
I will also provide a short complimentary  'booster session' within the first 3 months if you are struggling.

Additional discounts may be available please contact TCK Therapies to discuss options.
Payment for sessions must be made in full prior to the session.
You can cancel or amend the time of an agreed session without any charge up to 48 hours before our appointment. 
Missed appointment without prior notice of 24 hours will be chargeable in full.