I'm Thomas and thank you for looking at my page.


Why choose hypnotherapy and why choose me?

Personally I chose hypnotherapy as I believe it is a natural way to navigate life's obstacle course.

Hypnotherapy can give you the tools to carve out the time you need for yourself and develop a better understanding of you and what you need.

Hypnotherapy helped me give up cigarettes, which I never thought would happen, by the age of 30 I had been a smoker longer than I'd been a non-smoker and I was scared to stop. Hypnotherapy  helped me understand why I felt this way, gave my confidence a boost and a way of understanding how to help myself and I have never looked back. This experience began my journey to become a hypnotherapist. 

I do not "fix you" but with Care and Kindness I offer you my services to help you learn to better understand yourself and give you the skills to better manage the challenges life sends your way.

 I truly care about my clients' well-being, and honestly feel that hypnotherapy can be a powerful way to adjust the way we think, change life long habits and empower ourselves to become the best we can be.

Thomas C Kidd Cert Hyp CS



I abide by the Code of Ethics as outlined by The National Hypnotherapy Society, which gives guidance on the therapist - client relationship in hypnotherapy. The code of Ethics covers, but is not limited to, Delivery of Service, Client Welfare, Confidentiality and Maintenance of Records, General Conduct, Practising, Research and Training Ethics.

The full code of ethics can be located on the link below.


I am a registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and my registration number is HYP20-00113


My services are covered by professional indemnity insurance, giving you piece of mind

DBS Checked

I hold a current and clear Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate. Please ask me if you would like to see this.